Buckrail: The Jackson Community Connected

We've been testing and teasing our move into Jackson for a few months now and I'm excited to say that today, PitchEngine has officially arrived!

Introducing, Buckrail, Jackson's first Community News Stream! 

You are an influencer.
Our mission is to connect the community by empowering its influencers. You, my friend, are an influencer and we want to give you the ultimate platform to share what's important and what's relevant with your friends and neighbors around Teton County and beyond.

This is *not a newspaper or some other official, important thing.
Buckrail is one part original content, two parts community contribution. We're not journalists, we're connectors. We're not gatekeepers either. We're about showing, not telling. In the Buckrail News Stream you won't find our opinions or anyone else's for that matter. Why? Because we know people don't really care what we think. We're here to promote our amazing community and the people that make it tick.

We believe organizations and businesses are the backbone of any community.
Which is why we create the tools to help them connect their message
with the right people. Advertising on Buckrail is like nothing else. We put your news in front of thousands of local customers — your friends and neighbors — in a matter of seconds. And, we deliver it to their smartphones and desktops, helping to ensure it resonates, all while tracking your message by the minute. Give it a try by clicking the button on the homepage and see what it's all about!

PitchEngine Communities
The world around us is rocketing by at an alarming pace. The faster it
goes, the less connected we feel to our surroundings. Do you ever find yourself wondering what’s happening — right here — in the place you live? We did too. That’s why we set out to reinvent the way communities connect. We started in one small town and have grown to serve many - six in Wyoming in fact. One by one, we’re using technology to reconnect communities like yours by empowering the people who make them — the leaders, the influencers and the dreamers. We’re simply the glue.

Learn more at http://pitchengine.com/communities
Questions? Message us directly using the button above!