2020 World Chocolate Awards Open for Submissions

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Media Contact :: Nicole Seymour / nicole@chocolatealliance.com
Website :: https://www.nwchocolate.com/awards/

Entries for the Chocolate Alliance World Chocolate Awards are now being accepted through August 31.

The Chocolate Alliance announced on Monday June 15th that it was accepting entries for the 2020 World Chocolate Awards. The NW Chocolate Festival has had an awards program as a part of its annual conference program since 2012.

The 2020 World Chocolate Awards is open to entries from anywhere in the world and this year they will judge awards in the following six categories:
  1. Milk Chocolate Bar
  2. Dark Chocolate Bar
  3. Inclusion Bar
  4. Confections: Truffles or Bon-Bon
  5. Drinking Chocolate
  6. Made at Origin Chocolate
In addition to the six judged categories the World Chocolate Awards will present three Industry Awards:
  1. Mott Green Sustainability Awards
  2. Lifetime Achievement Award
  3. Package Design
The 2020 Submission Guidelines can be found here:

Visit the Awards page at https://www.nwchocolate.com/awards/ to see the 2019 NW Chocolate Festival awardees. TheChocolateWire has a list of winners for most years from 2012-2019, missing only 2016 for which no results can be found.

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