While not all press releases are horrible, chances are you've written one or two that you would never actually read if it landed in your inbox. We feel you. That's why we took the utility of the release and baked it into a modern "Tiny Pitch" designed for all sorts of environments.

Logo and Boilerplate

If you want to learn more about this brand you can just click to reveal more info and other content.

Image and File Gallery

High res images and other files are displayed in a nice, concise gallery and can be downloaded full size.

Embed or Download

Tiny Pitches can be embeded inside articles and websites or downloaded to desktops as a single .zip file.

Direct Message

Instead of displaying 10 lines of contact details, journalists can simply message you with our industry-first direct message functionality.


Start now

Getting started is as simple as sending an email to tiny@tiny.pr that includes your headline, body text and attached images. Or, just click the button below. We'll take care of packaging it up for delivery!

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