Frequently asked questions

This is a whole different animal so you're going to have questions. It's natural, really. If we don't answer it below, ask us via our support page.

It doesn't go anywhere. Tiny Pitch is simply a great way to package up your content and files for sharing across the web including social networks and email. It's also a great way to make your content more functional on mobile, where most of your readers are. So, after you've created your pitch, share it!
In the url type the word "remove" in between the and the Pitch ID.
You'll receive an email to confirm deletion.
Sometimes this happens because the file is still being uploaded. So, simply close the Facebook pop-up and try again. It usually works on the second try.
The idea behind Pitchengine in general is to enable you to package up all sorts of content (images, video, files, text, etc.,) into a single "pitch" or multimedia press release for sharing on the web (social media). Tiny Pitch makes this process even easier by letting you use your email as the "pitch creator." Simply compose an email attaching all the necessary elements and send it --> we'll reply with a link to your completed pitch (like this one).
Tiny is free for the first two pitches you publish. On the third, we ask you to pay a minimal $5/mo subscription to keep going.
Currently, you'll need to reach out and let us know via email -- (We hope to make this more automated in the future).
To include video, simply paste your youtube link inside the body of your initial email. You may still want to include a feature photo as the video will be "inside" the pitch. Here's an example:

Believe it or not, desktop software and web pages don't mix very well. As developers, we use all kinds of tricks to make text pasted from Word docs look normal (most of the time). However, with Tiny Pitch, we're all about simplicity - stripping the formality in favor of raw text with links (think Twitter).

So, if you're seeing weird characters in your pitch it's likely that you've pasted from Microsoft Word. That's okay, because we get that it's a popular tool among older PR pros (just kidding with ya). ;)

Luckily, the solution is pretty simple too! You'll need to paste your Word text into a text editor that can strip all of that 'nasty' formatting. (We say 'nasty' because behind the scenes, the code is super messy and unruly!)

If you're on a PC...
Use Windows Notepad. Paste your text into a blank doc. Then, copy and paste this fresh, clean text into your email for Tiny Pitch.

If you're on a Mac...
Use TextEdit. Paste your text into a blank doc, highlight it and select "make plain text" from the Format dropdown. Then, copy and paste this fresh, clean text into your email for Tiny Pitch.

We know it's kind of a bummer, but once you've done it, you'll get the hang of it. It will help you in other parts of the web too - like using Wordpress, Tumblr and other blog editors!


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