Meet, Tiny Pitch. The Next Big Thing in PR


Introducing a new kind of press release and one of the simplest apps you'll ever use. Tiny Pitch™ is #pr for the modern web. You can create one from your desktop or fire one off in real-time from an event using your smartphone! 

Little details...
- Tiny Pitch is completely free!
- It's mobile and works on basically anything with email access.
- There's no login necessary (no passwords or setup process)

- Direct message function eliminates lengthy contact details
- Use hashtags to target journalists, create feeds and more!

Why did we do it?
What if press releases didn't suck? What would they look like? How would they act? We've taken the utility of the press release and redesigned it for a more concise and impactful delivery. Whether it's opened in an email or from a social feed, the Tiny Pitch format provides a crisp, clean experience for readers regardless of their device.

Not only is it well-designed, it's functional. Use the direct message function to ask the Tiny Pitch creator questions privately one-to-one. 

Getting started is as simple as sending an email. Click here to create yours now! 

Just message me directly using the "message" feature below.

Tiny Pitch™ is a product of PitchEngine, Inc.