#WelcomeHome: The Ashley Cox Story


She watched her three-year-old son playing in the office of her 800 square foot house that doubled as his bedroom, then looked down at her 5 year-old daughter begging at her pant leg for a puppy for the third year in a row—her birthday just weeks away. “That’s it. We’re buying a home.”

Ashley Cox became determined two years ago to give her family the home they all deserved. What came after her decision to purchase her first home at age 21 taught her a valuable life lesson she says she’s grateful to have embraced.

“I learned that our finances weren’t ready and we had no idea how to turn that around. I went to a few lenders around town to learn what we could do to increase my credit score and become eligible for a mortgage loan, but no one wanted to work with me. I felt embarrassed and fearful for my family’s future.”

She turned to her realtor and family friend for help and was referred to Central Bank & Trust’s Residential Real Estate Manager, John Whitson and Residential Loan Officer, Kourtney Snyder for guidance.

“When you jump into buying a home, you have no idea what to expect. When I came to John and Kourtney, they made everything make sense. The steps towards buying a home became simple—they taught me how to better my credit and held my hand through each step of what started out as a scary process.”

After two years of steady focus, determination, and grit, Ashley Cox—now 23— is now qualified to purchase her first family home! 

“John and Kourtney mapped out a game plan for me to implement long-term, so I could improve my credit ratings, pay down my debt, and maintain a steadfast plan for my family. It took time, but all necessary things do. I couldn’t have done this without their unwavering support and guidance.”

When asked what kept her focused and committed to the end goal of becoming a home owner, Ashley had this to say:

“My children urged me on. When I thought every chance of buying a home was gone, I kept my focus on them. I want my children to have a home—a place to build memories throughout the years; somewhere they can always return to. All my determination and hard work was for them.”

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