TheChocolateWire Weekly NewsBrief for June 26, 2020

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Released on Fridays, TheChocolateWire Weekly NewsBrief is a collection of five to seven stories of interest and import about cocoa and chocolate that came to our attention in the past week that you may have missed.

1) Valrhona is Now a Certified B Corp

Valrhona announced that, as of January 2020, they are officially a B Corp Certified company. 

Top Takeaway
B Corp certification identifies companies that are dedicated to better the world both socially and environmentally.


2) Royal Hemp, LLC Launches Vegan and Fair Trade Cannabis Chocolate Line in Oregon

Royal Hemp, LLC announced the launch of their new premium dark chocolate line, Edge Off®. Royal Hemp’s Edge Off® chocolates are vegan, fair trade, gluten-free and soy-free.

Top Takeaway
Royal Hemp uses a proprietary and completely solvent-free cannabis extraction method that does not use conventional solvents (e.g., butane, ethanol, and CO2) which means, according to Royal Hemp founder Lev Kelman, “Edge Off® products contain more healing bio-available cannabinoids and terpenes than other cannabis edibles.”


3) Barry Callebaut's webinar series educates on chocolate and wellness trends

Typically, Barry Callebaut shares its knowledge of chocolate and confections at trade shows, seminars, meetings, and through individualized interactions. 

Top Takeaway
“This year, as trade shows are canceled due to the threat of coronavirus and social distancing has put a damper on face-to-face meetings, Barry Callebaut is doing something different,” said Laura Bergan, the company's director of brand marketing.


4) FDA Provides Temporary Flexibility for Food LabelingThe FDA has issued a guidance document to provide temporary flexibility with food labeling requirements to manufacturers and vending machine operators. 

The goal is to minimize the impact of supply chain disruptions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, it provides flexibility for vending machine labeling requirements so they do not have to provide calorie information for foods sold in vending machines at this time.

Top Takeaway
The guidance outlines flexibility for manufacturers to make minor formulation changes in certain circumstances without making conforming label changes, and existing flexibilities in food labeling regulations.


5) COVID-19 Puts More Emphasis on Supply Chain Visibility and Data Quality: A Conversation with Angela Fernandez of GS1 US

Top Takeaway

As food retailers and their supply chains experience significant increases in product demand, transparency and strong supplier relationships are more important than ever.


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