LunoWear line continues multi-generational watchmaking legacy on Indiegogo


SALT LAKE CITY-- On April 30, 2015, LunoWear, a company founded by lifelong friends Boman Farrer and Ryan Krantz, launched an Indiegogo campaign for their first line of affordable and all-natural watches. The watches also honor a legacy spanning four generations in the watchmaking industry.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve loved watching my grandfather work on watches,” said Boman Farrer, co-founder of LunoWear. “It was more than just a curiosity, it was a fascination. I developed a passion for watches and watchmaking from my family’s legacy in the industry, and it was that passion that inspired and motivated me to embark on this project.”

Lightweight and durable, a LunoWear watch is designed to compliment and enhance an active lifestyle. The line was inspired by the founders’ love and appreciation of the great outdoors, and both Farrer and Krantz wanted a watch that customers could easily integrate into their daily lives.

“Each component was picked individually to flow in perfect harmony with the other components surrounding it,” said Ryan Krantz, co-founder of LunoWear. “We designed these watches with our love for the outdoors in mind. We've taken what you love about the outdoors and turned it into a fashionable, wearable accessory.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can choose from eight different watch styles. The men’s collection offers three unique styles, which will emphasize either an all-natural bamboo or ebony wood case. The women’s collection features the all-natural bamboo case and comes in five different colors: tan, white, red, green, black.

Each LunoWear watch features an all-natural bamboo or ebony wood case with a water resistant finish, a Miyota 2035 Japanese quartz movement, a mineral glass crystal, and a genuine Bovine leather strap. The buckle and crown are made from stainless steel.

Individuals have until June 14 to back LunoWear on Indiegogo, and are still able to claim a variety of rewards, including one Early Bird watch for $50, two watches for $127, three Early Bird watches for $162, and five Early Bird watches for $215. Backers are guaranteed to receive their watches in August.

For more information, visit the Indiegogo page, or contact Sarah Buckley at 248-860-5478 or

About LunoWear

LunoWear is an upcoming lifestyle brand, creating lightweight wood watches that are both comfortable and durable. Driven by outdoor enthusiasts, LunoWear aims to inspire people to get out and appreciate what the world has to offer, while also maintaining a unique style.

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