Cacao and Chocolate Summit 2020 Continues – Online, For Now

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Members of the cacao and chocolate industry in Latin America and the US gather to share examples and best practices in the response to Covid-19.

The Online Cacao and Chocolate Summit, scheduled for May 27 – 28 2020, will be a digital discussion bringing together representatives from throughout the cacao and chocolate industries in Latin America and the US to share examples and best practices in response to Covid-19.

The program includes panel discussions for cacao producers, exporters, chocolate makers, NGOs, and government representatives, who will share their experiences and predictions for the future. Michel Arrion, the President of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCOwill deliver the Opening Remarks.

This online event will be in addition to this year’s Cacao & Chocolate Summit, to be held in Quito, Ecuador, which has been postponed until September. The organizers of both events feel that now more than ever, in the midst of uncertainty and change, the industry needs this kind of connection and knowledge-sharing.

About The Cacao And Chocolate Summit

The Cacao And Chocolate Summit is organized by CONEXIÓN CHOCOLATE in partnership with the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) with the support of Rikolto in Latin America – VECO, Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate, and Maximizing Opportunities in Coffee and Cacao in the Americas(MOCCA) .

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