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BeCocoa Supports Women in Ecuador Through Elaborating Sustainable Luxury Chocolates

Dateline Quito (June 30, 2020) – Women from the region of Quito (the capital city of Ecuador, where one of the world’s finest cacaos is grown) are passionate about pastry, confectionery, cacao, and chocolate. Unfortunately these vulnerable women have not had the opportunity to graduate from high-school, finish college, or worse, even think of having a profession. 

“BeCocoa supports vulnerable Ecuadorian women by giving them the opportunity to become experts in artisan chocolates,” said BeCocoa co-founder Ana María Sánchez. “Each chocolate is special because it is handmade.”

The collaborators at BeCocoa are trained in technical aspects from food handling, manufacturing food practices, elaborating each recipe with strict quality parameters, and have also been trained in sensory evaluation. They are also highly skilled in technical aspects and the esthetics and design that makes them unique, attractive, and delicious. This is BeCocoa customers say these unique chocolates are like a piece of chocolate jewelry. BeCocoa chocolates deliver a sensory journey throughout all the flavors you can imagine.

“With your support we will be able to sell thousands of pieces of our chocolate ‘jewelry’,” says BeCocoa co-founder Ana María Sánchez. “Not just in Ecuador, but in every country that can grow cacao. By supporting the people not only who grow the cacao, but also produce at a very high quality level, we can reduce the income inequality and opportunity gaps,” she continued.

About BeCocoa

At BeCocoa we respect ourselves. We work towards a responsible kind of prosperity, championing fair employment opportunities for the people who farm, harvest, and prepare our cocoa and chocolates.

Ecuador has been tearing itself apart. It has been ruled by violence and corruption, and there is a lack of educational opportunities. Ecuador is on the list of poorest countries in the world, the population has one of the lowest education worldwide, and surviving here is a challenge for those who lack formal education and live near or below the poverty line.

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