PR in the TL;DR Era

Do you ever get the feeling that no one is reading your press release? You're probably right. That's because it's way too long and generally, way to boring.

In today's mobile-first world, the idea of a typical press release generating reader engagement is pretty ridiculous. Just because you learned how to write a traditional AP format release once doesn't mean it's relevant in the modern era.

That's why we created Tiny Pitch - a modern PR platform where the focus is on engagement, not unloading a bunch of text in someone's inbox.

Instead of opening a mountain of text, readers are greeted with a clean, approachable announcement that feels more voluntary than the typical force-feeding.

Back in the day, you had to pack EVERYTHING into one document because the alternative was placing a phone call or sending a letter.

Today, however, Tiny Pitch gives you the gist and let's you direct message the creator with questions. It's a much more conversational and engaging way to interact with stakeholders, fans and journalists.

Here's a great example of how engaging a Tiny Pitch can be:

How to create a Tiny Pitch:

1. Compose an email using Gmail.
2. Put the headline in the subject field
3. Type your release in the body (don't paste from Word docs)      
4. Attach up to 10 images. (Don't paste them the body, attach them).      
5. Hit 'send' to and we'll send you a publish link!     

* Be sure to delete your email signature!

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