McGrody Web Services Launches Affordable Website Personalization

Website personalization is a powerful tool available inside websites built by McGrody Web Services (MWS). This unique feature enables us to quickly and easily create individualized, one-to-one user experiences that increase your customer conversions. Select from a list of pre-made actions a site can perform, like adding a notification bar or displaying a coupon, or we can create one that meets your specific requirements. Then set it to display only when activated by a certain trigger.

Amazon is the king of website personalization. Not only does the online retailer offer millions of products, but it also provides a good user-experience with its digital best practices and top-notch customer service. Although those factors make it difficult for small businesses with less resources to compete against the e-commerce juggernaut, it doesn’t mean that they should stop trying. Instead, small business owners should look at what makes Amazon the greatest and emulate the online retailer’s digital initiatives when possible.