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What if press releases didn't suck? What would they look like? How would they act? We've taken the utility of the press release and redesigned it for a more concise and impactful delivery. Whether it's opened in an email or from a social feed, the Tiny Pitch format provides a crisp, clean experience for readers regardless of their device.


Small and Mighty

It may be small, but Tiny Pitch packs in all of the utility of a traditional press release.


Incredibly Flexible

Tiny Pitches are created using just your email which means they work anywhere you can use email.


Maximum Friendliness

A Tiny Pitch is friendly and approachable. It's more like getting a smiley emoji in your inbox than a press release.


Uber Efficient

Why swap 10 lines of contact details when you can simply message with journalists instead directly from your Tiny Pitch.

Words from our friends

Sometimes a product speaks for itself. In this case, Tiny Pitch has a way of making news, ironically.


A killer product...It’s honestly one of my favorite new products and super effective for all types of press creation.

ANDREW MEDAL, Entrepreneur

An easy way to send simple, good-looking press releases to journalists.

Josh Ong, The Next Web

I'm curious what they're doing behind the scenes to create the page. They may be manually creating these pages.

Ryan Hoover, Founder, Product Hunt

Is the Press Release Ready for Its Latest Makeover?

Patrick Coffee, Adweek

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